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Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort & Spa

Jamaica Holidays
Dive into the all-inclusive magnificence of the Sunset Jamaica Grande Resort & Spa in Ocho Rios and experience style like never before. These scenic resort boasts of the longest beach strip in Ocho Rios as well as five luxurious pools, which contain waterfalls, plunge pools and a swaying rope bridge.

No guest should miss experiencing the fantastic Lighthouse Waterslide with its 2 full body water slides that twist and turn around the lighthouse for a true watery escapade.

Their all-inclusive programme allows you to participate in a number of water sports like kayaking, water trampolines and water bikes. Even more, guests can indulge in river rafting, horse riding or golf for an extra cost in facilities nearby. After 8pm, you can enjoy the powerful melody of the resort’s house band as well as other offers of live entertainment.

For pure indulgence, make a visit to the Aqua Azul Spa, which takes its inspiration from the Jamaican mountains and the turquoise Caribbean Sea. Benefit from a range of Thai or Swedish techniques as you enjoy a hot stone massage, a milk-and-honey body wrap or an invigorating body scrub.

Satisfy your taste buds through the spectacular cuisine offered at Sunset Jamaica’s restaurants. Dine at Ginger Lily and enjoy savour the fusion of Asian and Caribbean flavours and enjoy fresh seafood or sample Italian dishes at La Diva. Revel at a Jamaican buffet every Tuesday evening at the resort’s weekly Caribbean Beach Party.   

Children are kept busy with organised programmes that offer activities such as jewellery making, beach Olympics and pyjama parties. Teenagers can also rock out at the Jamrock Teen Centre at the resort. ... Read more